ASWSUV President & Vice President Election

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Voting ends Wednesday, September 19th @ 6:00 PM

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Vince Chavez & Holly Ta

Vince and Holly are extremely excited and grateful to be running as ASWSUV President and Vice President. Vince recently served as a Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor. Also, Holly served as the Major Events Coordinator for the Student Activities Board and President of Asian-Pacific Islanders Club. Our involvement at WSUV has granted us experience and understanding of what our student leadership, civic, and engagement entails. As your candidates, we will advocate on three pillars: [Advocacy], [Collaboration], and [Transparency]. Implementing a 5-year ASWSUV vision to create more structure, continuity and cohesion within our student government. 

Throughout our life, we have overcome many adversities and challenges. Our experiences have taught us humility, respect, responsibility, and most importantly gratitude. Roughly half of our campus is comprised of first generation college students just like us; we relate and understand the challenges and barriers to a higher education. We will set and accomplish goals that will enhance the campus experience for our peers and focus especially on outreach and support to the traditionally marginalized community. 

We will [advocate] to increase visibility for students’ resources, campus safety, negotiate parking permit cost, and a community wide event calendar. We will generate more [collaboration] with different organizations to promote various programs that help raise more awareness about sexual harassment prevention and mental health awareness for our students. We will increase [Transparency] and communication with the student body by a partnership with the VanCougar Newspapers and integrating the ASWSUV website to be a part of the WSUV website. We are passionate about strengthening our WSUV community so each student can find their vision and excel in their college experiences both academically and socially. We will serve our peers by prioritizing student issues, wants, and needs with every action taken.

Faith Guetter & Eden Gilmer

We are Faith Guetter and Eden Gillmer, both junior transfer students from Clark College planning to graduate in 2020, running for your student President and Vice President. When going through orientation, we were both stuck by the message to 'don't be a PCP student' and get involved. We personally have the time to get involved, but so many other students here have jobs, children, or any number of issues that they fight through every day. PCP students aren't ones who are uninvested or lazy; they are the hardest workers in the entire school. We aren’t Pullman, where everyone lives on campus, and we won’t pretend we are. Instead of mocking uninvolved students like we saw happen in orientation and our first classes, we want to work for you and respect all the hard work you've done to even get here. We would be honored to serve as your voice and connection to the rest of student government and administration.

Our campaign only has two true goals, be ready to serve the students and create more ways to hear and understand the students. The President and Vice President are the voice of the student body to student government, and to fulfill that role, we honestly believe that anyone running for such a position has to be ready to give up their projects and plans for the office at a moment’s notice if that is not what the students truly want and need. Our very first steps are simple. If we are elected, we will expand the channels of communication to make sure we are being your truest and most loyal voice possible. Everything else from there? Up to you.

Cam Plute & Mandy Quinn

Cam Plute and Mandy Quinn are running for President and Vice President of the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver and would love to utilize their years of leadership development in doing so. They will listen closely to students’ concerns and ideas in order to administer change and increase the amount of student activities/student involvement on campus.

Cam and Mandy have years of experience in student leadership positions, having been President of Sumner High School for three years running, being involved in WSUV’s Office of Student Involvement, as well as a coach for an equestrian team for four years. If elected, they will hold bi-weekly meetings to openly meet with students and listen to their concerns, recommendations and ideas. This way, they will be able to accommodate students’ ideas accordingly, following up with a plan of action and executing that plan in order to ensure a stronger, healthier atmosphere on campus. Cam and Mandy will work closely with officials on campus in order to create a strong connection between student government and students, a wide variety of events for student involvement, and increase the size of the Student Diversity Center.

They will advocate for changes that positively impact the student body and work to make a monumental impact on the campus community as a whole - which will help build a strong foundation for a brighter future. Overall, as President and Vice-President, they will administer changes that the students of Washington State University Vancouver need by listening closely to their concerns and ideas. Their passion for student involvement and creating a positive atmosphere will drive their work throughout the year. They will advocate for more on-campus events for students, the implementation of a wider variety of cultural studies classes offered on campus, and transparency between students and student government.


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