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Executive Staff

The Executive Staff includes the elected positions of President and Vice President, who then appoint applicants to the six remaining positions, to be confirmed by the Senate. A portion of the Executive Staff's time is spent designing and implementing programs that will benefit students. These have included trips, banquets, movie nights, giveaways, and many other activities. The Executive Staff also spend a large amount of their time tackling issues that will affect the students on campus. From working with state legislators to collaborating with other departments on campus, the Executive Staff work hard to keep ASWSUV connected to many important entities. It is also the Executive Staff's responsibility to organize ASWSUV as a whole and ensure that student needs are being met by the leaders chosen to represent them.


The Senate is composed of eleven elected senators, who pass legislation and allocate funding that will allow for student needs to be met. In addition to passing important legislation, the Senate also has the ability to make resolutions that affect the student body. The Senate also can help support RSO's with funding requests for appropriate needs.

Judicial Board

The Judicial Board is made up of two justices and one chief justice; each are appointed by the President to serve until they leave WSU Vancouver. The Judicial Board presides over any disputes involving students, the Senate, or the Executive Staff.


All entities of ASWSUV are located in the Firstenburg Student Commons and students are always welcome and encouraged to stop by with any questions, comments, or just to hang out!

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