student grouped on campus

ASWSUV, the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver, is the voice of the students. The elected and appointed student leaders represent you--the students. ASWSUV advocates for your interests and needs to both campus administrators and state representatives. Planning fun events, enriching student life, and providing leadership opportunities are all part of the ASWSUV mission.

ASWSUV works towards two main goals: to create an engaging student life on campus and to represent and advocate for student needs. To achieve the first goal, ASWSUV organizes student events both on and off campus, works to resolve student issues, and provides funding to clubs and organizations. In an effort to meet the second goal, ASWSUV lobbies on behalf of student interests.

ASWSUV Constitution. Read through our constituion, the founding principles of ASWSUV.

ASWSUV By-Laws. Discover the work of our senate and what we stand for as an organization.