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CougSync, the new student organization database management system, is new as of Fall 2010. It is a user-friendly tool for student organization registration, organization management and a one-stop location for students to get connected with their campus. Take advantage of the resources and connections you can make via CougSync.

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Create an account with your profile info and upload a picture. You are now connected! Once you have a user profile you can join student organizations of interest to you. Search the student organizations, which include our Registered Student Organizations (aka Clubs or RSOs), ASWSUV (student government) and our Media Organizations. You can join as many groups as you find interesting and have the time to participate in.

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First you will need to create an individual profile as described above. Once logged in, click ‘Join an Org’, then the WSU Vancouver ‘Organizations’ button and then ‘Register New Organization’. Complete the student organization profile. Make sure to complete all steps of the student organization registration process.

CougSync Contact:
Phil Babcock
Student Involvement Specialist
Phone: (360) 546-9153
Office: Firstenburg Student Commons 125


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